Agent-based Markets are markets whose growth are primarily driven by personal interactions among potential and current adopters. This site explains and demonstrates the use of agent-based modeling in the growth of innovations through social networks, in addition to posting recent papers on the subject.

Marketing in Israel is an academic conference that has been running continuously for the past 15 years in Israel. It is organized by various faculty members at the business schools at Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University, Interdisciplinary Center, Technion and Tel Aviv University. Its aim is to present new research, and cement the sense of community of marketing researchers in Israel.
Innovation Equity is s a companion website to the book by the same title coauthored by Elie Ofek, Barak Libai and I where we post links to articles mainly from The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The New York Times that demonstrate the principles of our framework.  We also provide spreadsheets that help explain how we derived the specific tables and figures in the text.

The Center for Complexity in Business of the Roger Smith School of Business, University of Maryland uses techniques from complex systems to study how the adoption of new innovations spreads through networks, and how organizational performance depends on relationships that individuals in the organization maintain.

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