Agent-based Markets are markets whose growth are primarily driven by personal interactions among potential and current adopters. This site explains and demonstrates the use of agent-based modeling in the growth of innovations through social networks, in addition to posting recent papers on the subject. Visit website.

Growth Hacking is a process of trial and error experimentation in marketing and product development so as to arrive at an effective manner at which to grow a startup. It usually refers to unconventional and occasional controversial marketing tactics that spurs growth. For long-form stories of growth hacking, visit this website.

Innovation Equity is a companion website to the book by the same title coauthored by Elie Ofek, Barak Libai and I where we provide spreadsheets that help explain how we derived the specific tables and figures in the text. In addition, we list some errors and clarifications that were discovered too late for the printing process. Visit website.

Mashable is a news and media network managed by its founder and CEO Pete Cashmore. It published news items, feature stories and videos. Whatever you wanted to know about the current state of affairs in social media, tech, and other related digital culture and then some. Visit website.

MIT Technology Review is a technology news magazine and website managed by its editor-in-chief Jason Pontin, and published by MIT. It publishes news items and feature stories with strong emphasis on emerging technologies. It publishes an annual list of the top ten breakthrough technologies. For the 2017 top ten list, visit website.

The Center for Complexity in Business of the Roger Smith School of Business, University of Maryland uses techniques from complex systems to study how the adoption of new innovations spreads through networks, and how organizational performance depends on relationships that individuals in the organization maintain. Visit website.

The Verge is a technology news and media network managed by its editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, and operated by Vox Media. It publishes news items, feature stories, product reviews, and podcasts. Whatever you wanted to know about the current state of affairs in tech, science and tech-related culture, and then some. Visit website.

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